Get In The Zone 10-12-2014


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On this edition of Get In The Zone, it was a Japanese feel as BronxZilla and AnthonyFarley started off the show talking about Bound For Glory, which was on Pay Per View as the boys recorded the show. Bronx recapped this past week’s Impact, which saw MVP take it upon himself to answer Bobby Roode’s challenge. If Roode couldn’t defeat MVP and Kenny King in a handicapped match, he would not be able to compete for the TNA World Title ever again! Rockstar Spud stood up to EC3, and got fired for his troubles! In a confusing end Roode pinned MVP, and beat King via DQ after Lashley interfered. The hosts were just as confused recapping this as you are reading it. In the end Roode will get a number one contender’s match next week which MVP is barred from. The main story from Impact was the possible match of the year full metal mayhem match between Team 3D, the Wolves and the Hardys. Excellent match, and both hosts agreed one of the best TNA has had to offer. Bronx then ran down the results for Bound For Glory, which was difficult as Bronx didn’t know half the competitors involved! After the break, Anthony recapped Smackdown after botching the intro, which saw Teddy Long and People Power return to help celebrate the Smackdown Anniversary Show. Anthony enjoyed the show, and the boys then talked some Raw, and what they think of the upcoming Hell In A Cell Special Event, Ambrose and Cena’s placement, and some IWC members thinking the Rock “buried Rusev.” Bronx read some news, including a deleted segment where John Cena and Nikki Bella talk some marriage, and Cena’s thoughts about putting a ring on that finger! The hosts also blasted Dixie Carter, and her idiotic tweet using the typhoon about to hit Japan to promote Bound For Glory. “Tell Me He Did Not Just Say That” included stories about killer clowns and teddy bears. Yes, teddy bears. Over three hours of Get In The Zone right here on the SNS Radio Network!

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Cohost of Unplugged with Mr. Money On The Mic Jeff Jackson, and also cohost of Sunday Night Showdown. Host and producer of SNS Get In The Zone.