Get In The Zone 09-14-2014


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This week on Get In The Zone, BronxZilla was once again joined by cohost AnthonyFarley as they broke down all things TNA and Smackdown. Anthony started by recapping this past week’s Impact, which saw Lashley and Roode get in each others faces for their upcoming title match. The tag team tournament continued with a good tables match, and Gail Kim has seemingly started a feud with new TNA arrival Havok. After the break and before Smackdown, Anthony talked about how he is currently watching all the episodes of WCW Nitro available on the WWE Network for an undisclosed price. This prompted Bronx and Farley to talk some old school WCW, before Bronx recapped Smackdown, a show which was VERY Raw heavy. We saw the debut of Dolph Ziggler’s stunt double, R-Ziggler, and the continuation of the continuation of the Jericho/Orton storyline. We also saw most of Raw recapped, which Bronx voiced his displeasure over. After this Bronx ran down a little news, including a sad story about legendary manager and commentator Bobby Heenan breaking his hip. This lead to Bronx and Anthony talking about some of their favorite Brain moments. Bronx read some funny news stories on “Tell Me He Did Not Just Say That.” The show ended with Bronx ranting on how it seems the organizations are not blamed when professional athletes mess up, but when a wrestler gets in trouble, the whole wrestling industry as a whole is blamed. Check out the archive right here on the SNS Radio Network, and thanks as always for listening!

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