Get In The Zone 08-31-2014


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On this Labor Day weekend edition of Get In The Zone, BronxZilla and AnthonyFarley opened the show by going over some Impact Wrestling. Bronx recapped the show, which featured Kurt Angle deciding how to handle the TNA World Title number one contendership between Eric Young and Bobby Roode. Kurt decided the two will meet in a match next week to determine the number one contender. EC3 had a match with his former friend Rhino, and EC3 broke out and proved he can hang with the hardcore style, to the point that Rockstar Spud actually asked him to tone it down! Both hosts agreed it was a good episode of Impact. After the break, Anthony broke down some Smackdown, where RVD was once again in action. Apparently his beat down at the hands of Orton never happened. Roman Reigns was put over again, as well as Bo Dallas. After Smackdown, Bronx read some news stories including a sad update on Jake The Snake Roberts. Get In The Zone and the SNS Radio Network would like to wish Jake all the best as he recovers. Bronx also played a message from Ryback, who should probably wait until AFTER his surgery to record a video! After some news it was time for Tell Me He Did Not Just Say That, which taught an important lesson about zip lines and not drinking detergent. Rob Ford was once again in the news, as the mayor closed out this session in style! After this, Bronx talked briefly about two movies he watched over the weekend, Godzilla and Amazing Spiderman 2. Bronx then admitted he is addicted the WWE Supercard game before wrapping up the show with a song in tribute to Rob Ford! Check out the archive here on the SNS Radio Network.

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Cohost of Unplugged with Mr. Money On The Mic Jeff Jackson, and also cohost of Sunday Night Showdown. Host and producer of SNS Get In The Zone.