Get In The Zone 05-17-2014


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On this week’s Get In The Zone, BronxZilla and AnthonyFarley kicked things off with Bronx announcing he spent his time before the show drinking a few beers. With L-Train not available, (possibly working for MVP,) Anthony had the task of once again recapping SAD Wrestling for us. Anthony talked about the continuing insanity angle with Samuel Shaw, and the recent MVP turn which is putting him at odds with Eric Young. Robert Roode has been suspended from the company via Twitter, and the Menagerie is in full force! The boys discussed some TNA booking, and Anthony gave his letter grade. After the break, Bronx broke down Smackdown, which was a night of squashes. Among these, Santino got a fast win over Damien Sandow, and Sheamus destroyed Titus O’neil. More seeds were planted in the Rhodes brother’s breakup, and Cena has accepted Bray Wyatt’s challenge to a last man standing match at Payback. After Smackdown, Bronx and Farley read some items, including TNA talent shopping themselves around to other companies, and the big story involving Vince McMahon losing over 300 million as WWE stocks have tanked! To close things out, once again we had the “Tell Me He Did Not Just Say That’ segment, which you won’t want to miss. Bronx even played an audio clip of a disgruntled woman calling 911 over a Subway order! Check out this fast food fabulous edition of Get In The Zone only on the SNS Radio Network.

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Cohost of Unplugged with Mr. Money On The Mic Jeff Jackson, and also cohost of Sunday Night Showdown. Host and producer of SNS Get In The Zone.