Get In The Zone 02-13-2015


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On this episode of Get In The Zone, BronxZilla started the show by telling Anthony and everyone else how he took a bump on the cold, hard concrete. Bronx was sore, but it didn’t stop him from getting into the TNA Recap for Lethal Lockdown, which saw several cage matches, including a match for the tag titles, and a match pitting Team Angle against the BDC. Awesome Kong and Havoc also went at it, with Kong coming out on top. After the break, the boys sidetracked and talked about the Friday The 13th movie franchise, which both hosts are huge fans of. Their discussion was cut short however, when the owner of the network “Mr. Money On The Mic” Jeff Jackson called in. Jeff joined us in talking about the Friday The 13th movies, and JJ revealed he’s a big fan of Jason X, as are Bronx and Anthony. JJ then told the SNS family that Unplugged will be on hiatus for awhile, as Harmony has undergone serious back surgery. JJ gave us encouraging news that Harmony is doing better. We at Get In The Zone would like to wish her a speedy recovery. An impromptu NXT recap then ensued, with the three hosts talking about the last NXT special even. We all agreed it was an awesome show. After saying goodbye to JJ, Bronx went on a rant about Rikishi going into the Hall Of Fame, and all the butthurt over it. Anthony went over this past week’s Smackdown, and Bronx broke into some news. Two stories that were covered in depth were the Chyna/Vince Russo podcast, and the Seth Rollins Twitter scandal! Bronx and Farley then ended the show with some “Tell Me He Did Not Just Say That” and some Alice Cooper. Have a listen right here on the SNS Radio Network.

About BronxZilla

Cohost of Unplugged with Mr. Money On The Mic Jeff Jackson, and also cohost of Sunday Night Showdown. Host and producer of SNS Get In The Zone.