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On this edition of Get In The Zone, Bronxzilla is once again joined by AnthonyFarley and a returning L-train.  Train breaks down this week’s edition of Impact for us, which saw MVP get more involved as the new TNA investor, telling Dixie Carter that things are going to change.  Abyss and Joseph Park are finally revealed to be one and the same, and in the end Anthony and L-train agreed it was a good episode of Impact.  L-train then voiced his opinion on the CM Punk situation, and then to the shock of both Bronx and Anthony, Train went on a vicious rant about Dave Batista!  This is a classic SNS rant that you do not want to miss!  After the break, Bronx broke down what happened on Smackdown this week, with the Wyatt/Shield feud beginning to build momentum, and the amazing match between Antonio Cesaro and Daniel Bryan, and Kane continuing to attack Bryan.  After the recap, Bronx read some wrestling news stories, including one about the WWE Hall Of Fame.  Bronx then broke into some crazy news, including a story about why you shouldn’t complain about your Chinese food order.  Before closing, Bronx read a 3 year old news story involving Hulk Hogan, and Andre the Giant “checking his oil.”  Don’t ask, just listen to the archive here on the SNS Radio Network.

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