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Get In The Zone started off the new year huge as the BronxFather and “cohost in training” Anthony Farley introduced a new yet familiar face to the show, L-Train, who recapped TNA Impact.  The three talked about the X-division title change, and of course Magnus challenging AJ Styles for the undisputed TNA world heavyweight championship.  The Carters, Ethan Carter the 3rd, Bully Ray, Sting and all the rest were covered in-depth by L-Train, and Anthony and Bronxy chimed in with their opinions.  After the break, this week’s Smackdown was discussed, including everything from the Wyatt family to the current USA/IC title picture.  Both hosts had a lot to say about the ending of Raw and Smackdown, and what it might mean for the future of Daniel Bryan, the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania 30!  Before closing out the show, Bronx read some news items, one of which warranted some music.  Apparently the Impact Zone may be no more!  Anthony and Bronx closed the show with 2 steps forward, and 2 steps back to ring in the new year only on the SNS Radio Network!

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