Get In The Zone 09-20-13 now archved


In a marathon edition of Get In The Zone, and we do mean marathon, the BronxFather started things off by cutting a promo on his computer, before segueing into Impact from the previous night. Bronx wasn’t too impressed with the show, especially the segments with Robbie E, Aces and Eights, and the final segment which saw TNA President Dixie Carter shooting on AJ Styles. Bronx felt this was a slight rip off of a current WWE storyline. The host then talked about tonight’s Smackdown, and what went down between the 10 baby faces that helped Daniel Bryan on Raw, HHH’s reaction, Vickie and much more. After the commercial break, Bronxy read some news stories and then gave a review on the latest Dragon Ball Z movie, Battle Of The Gods. The phone lines were opened, and Anthony, L-train and Ashley chimed in with their opinions, and then the show took a very different turn as the TreyDawg called in to give his thoughts on TNA. Both the radio show hosts gave their opinions, agreeing, disagreeing and throwing ideas back and forth. An in depth discussion of TNA’s past, present and future ensued. After saying goodnight to Trey, Bronx ended the show with a song dedicated to Tammy Lynn Sytch and her recent Facebook posts. A show you cannot miss here on the SNS Radio Network!


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