Get In The Zone 08-17-13 now archived


This Saturday, Get In The Zone returned with the BronxFather as he broke down TNA’s Hardcore Justice, and how the free “pay per view” affected him. Bronx was happy with the in-ring wrestling, but not so thrilled about the endings to the matches, and the storylines. Long time network caller Terrence chimed in, and agreed that TNA needs to change its direction, and also brought up the fact that Brooke Hogan has apparently been fired by TNA! Anthony and Sandro also called in, and Sandro and Bronx disagreed, respectfully, on Dixie Carter revealing that Kurt Angle was not around because he is in rehab. Bronx thought this should have been worked, but Sandro respected her for telling the truth. Get In The Zone also spoiled, yes SPOILED, who loses the Aces and Eights VS Main Event Mafia match next week! You will be warned when this will happen on the archive! The BronxFather then broke down the Summerslam card, and gave a reason for why we’re having each match. His point was that WWE has easy to follow storylines while TNA’s story lines require a rocket scientist to interpret. Bronx ended the show by reminding all to check out Summerslam and SNS’s coverage of it tomorrow night on the SNS Radio Network!


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