Elite Force Podcast – 12/3/17 (A Mighty Morphin Crossover)


Lord Zedd – Tries to take over the World but
gets bets by The Power Rangers.
Brainiac- Tries to take over the World but
gets bets by The Justice League.

But when Zedd and Brainiac join forces
Well……It’s Morphin Time

It’s Times for The Elite Force Podcast

On This Episode: (December 3rd 2017)
.Walkie Reviews the DC Comics crossover event of Justice League
and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
.Mindwipe returnes as he gives his Review of the 1st Half
of Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery…Blame Walkie for this one :>)
.The EFP News in brief Returns as Ashley Covers All the
Sci-Fi News TV,Movies and Gaming

All This On The Elite Force Podcast

A Special thank you goes out to David Lowe aka Uncle Art for allow us the use the Music
(Just Another Mission The Theme from ‘Carrier Command) in the EFP Intro

Check out www.uncleartretrogaming.com to check out all the other great music

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