Elite Force Podcast 12-29-14 (A Whovian New Year) Now Archived


It’s The Season Finale of the
2014 Elite Force Podcast Season.
The Dream Crabs are going Alien.
The Doctor and Clara are back

it’s Time for The Elite Force Podcast
2014 Season Finale as Walkie, Mindwipe
and Ashley are ready for a New Years Party

On This Episode (December 29th)

.Doctor Who Month is back as The Gang Review Last Christmas
and also review the overall Serise 8 of Doctor Who
.Justin Lin to Direct Star Trek 3
.Roberto Orci will no longer write Star Trek
.The Gang Also take a look in the Past Year of 2014 from Their
Favorite Movies to the News storys that EFP coverd
.Also Mindwipe talks about the other stuff that he been doing
over the Past month witch has been keeping him busy

all This on the Season Finale of the Elite Force Podcast
as we wish you a Happy New and Thank you for a Great 2014


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