Elite Force Podcast 11/20/11 – Changing a Legacy


The Elite Force Podcast Returned This Weekend as Walkie and Mindwipe
was ready to take apart some of the Top News storys Going on in the
world of Sci-Fi and Many News Storys That Once again Got Walkie and
Mindwipe Kicking the Crap out of Hollywood..Fun Times

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.The 1st Part Walkie and Mindwipe Talk about the rumours that been going around
about a Doctor Who Movie with the Harry Potter director David Yates Helming the
Movie and not Having anything to do with Cast of the TV Show
.Arcade classic Rampage! to crush, crumble and chomp its way to theaters
.Tribbles In Next “Trek”?
.”Man of Steel” Readying for Sequel

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that we will read on the next on the Next Episode Via Facebook. Twitter.
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