EFP Presents The Sci-Fi/Horror Connection VIII


It’s Halloween and The Elite Force Podcast is Ready
to Trick-or-Treat as Walkie go over Hollywoods 2
Great Genres(Science fiction and Horror)and its
Great Connection……But this Year…Walkie makes a trip
no one should go in looking at Sci/Fi Scariest Mosters

EFP Presents The Sci-Fi/Horror Connection VIII : Sci/Fi Scariest Mosters

On This Episode (October 31st 2016)
Walkie takes a looking into some of Sci/Fi Scariest Mosters that has ever
been seen from the Big Screen to TV and on Video Games such as
.Xenomorph (Alien Franchise)
.The Borg (Star Trek)
.Daleks (Doctor Who)
.Cybermen (Doctor Who)
.Big Daddy (Bioshock)
.Weeping Angels (Doctor Who)

All This As EFP Presents The Sci-Fi/Horror Connection VII

Happy Halloween from The Elite Force Podcast


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