5/02/2012 The Pro Wrestling Rewind Now Archived


The Pro Wrestling Rewind “Rewound” a few times tonight, as the Power Andy Knowles and the Bronxfather had to pull a Groundhog Day, restarting the show because of a technical glitch!

The hosts then got serious, sort of, and discussed the post Extreme Rules Brock Lesnar temper tantrum, the Bella Twins’ contract expiring, the title changes that took place at the Pay Per View, and much more.

We then went old school, as Bronx and The Power talked about the best and worst finishing moves in wrestling, the Extreme Reunion show and it’s controversy, the “blockbuster” announcement by Hulk Hogan and his TMZ-like angle for TNA, before taking phone calls and wrapping up the show. An interesting, humorous and nostalgic edition of the Pro Wrestling Rewind.

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