4/11/2012 The Pro Wrestling Rewind Now Archived


The Pro Wrestling Rewind returned with the Power Andy Knowles and the Bronxfather Tony Mirabella.  The show started with an intro that featured Bronxy’s “big break” into the rap industry, showcasing his performance of “The Humpty Dance” on Wrestling News Live!  The hosts then discussed the Scott Hall arrest for domestic violence, the Brock Lesnar situation, and even the George Zimmerman case, which led to a debate between the Bronxfather and The Power!  The subject of women’s wrestling was brought up again, as a clip of former WWE star Lita was played, in which she gave her opinion on the state of women’s wrestling in the WWE.  The show ended with your phone calls and an extremely humorous doorbell incident involving a veteran listener.  A humorous and extremely fun edition of the Pro Wrestling Rewind!

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