3/28/2012 The Pro Wrestling Rewind Now Archived


The Pro Wrestling Rewind returned with the Bronxfather Tony Mirabella going solo, as The Power could not be on the show. Bronxy discussed an SNS Radio Network Facebook post by listener Murry Shipp, in which he asked about who is to blame for wrestlers not being pushed, creative or the wrestler. Of course there was Wrestlemania 28 talk, as the Bronxfather broke down the card and his opinion on the upcoming event. The phone lines were then opened as Bronx took phone calls about Wrestlemania and some interesting talk about the Hell In A Cell structure and then wrapping up this edition of the Rewind before Wrestlemania 28.

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Cohost of Unplugged with Mr. Money On The Mic Jeff Jackson, and also cohost of Sunday Night Showdown. Host and producer of SNS Get In The Zone.